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Our Award Winning

Work Process

Our patented work process has won us many awards amongst many competitors in the interior design Brighton space, so know that when you hire any of our team members for a project, we will be going at in award-winning fashion.
Day 1


This is where you approach us, with an idea, a simple dream project in your head that you so desperately want to make a reality. Also, at this stage this is the part where we build some rapport with you, getting to know you on a personal level so that we can get a feel of who you are allowing us to create a finished project that is right for you.
Day 2


This is part of the process where we sit down with you on a more formal level and go through your plans of how you envision the final product of this to turn out. Again, we won’t still get to know you on a personal level so we are able to create a bespoke furniture piece or bespoke decor that is geared towards your wants and needs.
Day 3


Finally, after all the planning and rapport stacking, we are finally at the point of creation. Through all the hours of planning and the back and forth negotiations we are finally ready to take on and complete your dream project, this will take many days of work but just know that each day will be used to carefully create a bespoke piece that you will fall in love with.
Day ?


The final day, appropriated accompanied with a ‘?’ because the time taken to finish your project differs from client to client. However, be assured that the days taken are all for the purpose of creating something bespoke you will love.
Mostly a smooth process handover is where you finally get your hands on the goods, falling in love with it in an instant and making it a part of your interior space for many years to come.
Happy Clients
Bespoke Pieces Created
Bespoke pieces we have created

Our work

Here is a portfolio of the bespoke furniture and bespoke decor we have completed for our clients. All pieces have gone through our typical design process, ensuring the highest quality of finish...which you can clearly see from the images below
Commissioned by a wonderful customer for their home, we took a classic egg style chair design and created an even more beautiful piece, making it ideal for the clients home.
Helping to finish off one of our client's homes, these Woodwork Chairs were made from only recycled wood, strongly agreeing with our eco-friendly manufacturing process.
With a unique vision, the Wall Climbing Sofa is one of our favourite bespoke furniture pieces we have created for our clientele and the wonderful customer couldn't agree more.
Designed for a music lover, this Phonograph Art Cushion has helped our client finish off their music inspired room, allowing them to finally get the look they have desired.
Crafted from an array of old pallets, this wonderful Pallet Center Table was commissioned by a customer for their beautiful rustic home, and we can all agree it looks stunning.
Taking inspiration from classic propeller ceiling fans, this wing ceiling fan was designed for both practical and style purposes for our client. Both parties are happy with the outcome.

Bespoke Services We Offer

Whether its bespoke furniture or a bespoke decor piece you want creating, our team will be able to take you through our design process and create something unique to you that you will love
This includes creating your desired piece of bespoke furniture with any materials and textiles that you desire.
Just like with our bespoke furniture design service, we are able to create a one-off bespoke decor piece for your home
Our teams' skills aren't confined to your indoor furniture. We can also create one-off outdoor pieces.
Meet our

Awesome team

With expertise across bespoke furniture and bespoke decor creation, our fabulous team prides itself on bringing you the highest quality projects, just like you'd expect.
Rhiann Robins
“I’m one of the many talented designers on the Eatonnott team. I particularly love working on bespoke furniture projects for our wonderful clients.”

Rhiann Robins

Bespoke Furniture Designer

Jeff Calderon
“Decor is everything. You can change a room with one simple piece of bespoke decor, just like the kind I and my team make.”

Jeff Calderon

Bespoke Decor Designer

Neriah King
“Quality is our number 1 priority, after customer satisfaction. As a quality checker, I make sure every bespoke piece we produce is of a very high standard.”

Neriah King

Qualitity Checker

Pia Mcbride
“I make sure the materials that all our designers use are of the high quality and suit every project they are used in.”

Pia Mcbride

Lead Material Sourcer

Our customer


Our opinion is biased, but our customers' isn't; see what everyone else is saying about us.
From Brighton and Beyond

People Who Inspire Us

We all have role models, no matter the industry we are in. Below is a small collection of designers who never fail to inspire us on a daily basis, whether they're around us in Brighton, the other side of the country or they're no longer with us, they and many others are the sole reason why we are able to create the beautiful bespoke furniture and bespoke decor we are known for.

Albert Hadley

Tom Dyckhoff

Jess Eaton

David Nightingale Hicks

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