5 Types of Kitchens for Your Home

Five primary kitchen layouts change the layout of your kitchen to fit your needs. Each type has its benefits, disadvantages, and its aesthetic appeal. When deciding whether one is better than the other, there are many things to consider before making a final decision. This article will go through the 5 types of kitchen and layout styles.

Choosing The Best Kitchen Layout for Your Home

Kitchen layouts and designs vary depending on which Kitchen Type you prefer and or require. As well as the kitchen type, there are also different layout styles for each one. You can have a traditional, practical, or modern layout. Each layout style will have differences in cost and design time, so it is important to keep this in mind when talking about kitchen renovations with your builder, so no cut corners occur along the way.

The Open Kitchen – Let Your Home Flow

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The open kitchen layout has an open space with benchtops around the edges; it is well suited to small or large spaces and creates a sense of space in your home.

Fit For Function

If you choose to have an island bench in this type of kitchen, the design will depend on its function, such as seating two people up to 6 people. These kitchens are often used for entertaining guests when hosting dinner parties or weekend barbeques so that you can put out all your best China and cookware! Having a rectangular-shaped kitchen makes them easy to work in because there aren’t any awkward angles throughout the design, and they’re great for leaving your washing up in, all nice and neat in one area rather than on the benchtops throughout your home.

The Semi Enclosed Kitchen – Fast Paced Lifestyle

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This is more suitable for townhouses and narrow spaces such as apartments. This type of kitchen has half walls on two sides of the kitchen with a benchtop around the edge; they create a sense of privacy and can give you a break from your busy life with a nice cup of coffee in the morning before getting into the shower or going about your day. Semi-enclosed kitchens have an island bench that seats four people. If you have this kitchen layout style, you’ll find there is not much room to use an oven, so it might be best to keep this appliance out of view by having it tucked away in its nook within the kitchen design, making it out of the way!

The Integrated Kitchen – The Party Pleaser

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It is integrated with your home’s architecture, so you get a seamless look between the kitchen and living areas, which is great if you have tiered levels open or bi-fold doors where there is no wall to separate the spaces. Some of these kitchens have sliding glass doors that create another connection between indoor and outdoor entertainment. These are perfect for people who love hosting dinner parties because the kitchen seamlessly connects with the rest of your home, allowing movement through all parts of your property. This design has an island benchtop on both sides, seating at least six people depending on how big or small you make them. If you choose this layout style for your new kitchen renovation, make sure you have a very practical storage solution that will fit all your kitchen appliances inside; otherwise, they will stick out around corners and look untidy.

The Boomerang – Small In Size. Big On Potential

Similar to the Open Kitchen layout but with edges on two sides of the room with benchtops around the edge instead. This design has an island bench seating three people, with no walls enclosing it, making it stand out more than other designs such as semi-enclosed or integrated kitchens. These kitchens are good for small spaces because there aren’t any awkward angles, and they can be easily transformed into a corner kitchen using L-shaped peninsula benchtops. This design allows for brilliant views of your home, and if built under trees might get some lovely bird watching entertainment as well.

The L Shaped Kitchen – The Multi Taskers Dream

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Perfect for those who tend to use multiple appliances at once, such as a kettle, oven and microwave, as these tend to be placed apart from each other in separate areas of the kitchen. This type of kitchen has benchtops on two sides, an island bench seating three people and draws the eye through your home seamlessly, creating a great balance between indoor and outdoor entertaining. The L shape design works best with rectangular shaped spaces or small triangles to make the most out of all available space. These kitchens are good for family homes who love cooking together because they keep everyone close by and within reach of what you need (apart from an oven).

Speak To a Professional

So, when it is time to upgrade your kitchen, calling a professional is a great option because they will talk you through all your options in layout designs, colour schemes and even appliances to suit your family needs.

Think About The Future

Another thing to think about with kitchen renovations is how it’ll look in 20 years from now when everything has changed, so it’s best to be prepared for the future! A professional designer will help you select materials that can stand the test of time, such as white or off-white benchtops that are resistant to staining and scratching. If you choose the last design type (L Shaped Kitchen), make sure there isn’t anything obstructing your views of the outdoors so you can enjoy them while cooking up a storm in your new space.

Wrapping Up

There are various options available to those who wish to have a kitchen. The style and layout of each can depend on many factors, including a budget, size of the space, the needs and wants of the people using it, and environmental considerations such as sunlight and ventilation. To ensure that you get a kitchen that meets all your requirements, it is important that before making any decisions, you research the various options available by visiting showrooms or just browsing online catalogues. Decide what kind of look would work best for your home and think about how much time you will be spending in this room – just because something looks great does not mean that it will also make practical sense for everyday cooking.

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