Bespoke Decor Trends of 2019

Wouldn’t it be a lovely thing to start 2019 with some zeal? New Year, new style and most importantly having a fresh new bespoke decor for your home.

As we head into the New Year, we bet we can all come up with a wish list of things we want to do to change about our homes, whether that’s adding to space or getting rid of things that no longer fit without interior vision. Jump onto this opportunity and say goodbye to your old decors and welcome aboard fresh new pieces for your home as we help you to unlock that stylish side of you, get your creative juices flowing and give you some great ideas of how you can bring the best out of your home in 2019.

Tribal Design Patterns

This is printed in heavy and bold patterns which are all over the place. If you would like to create a dramatic effect in your room use this print instead of going for the coveted animal print on something like a sofa or an armchair.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a calm modern home, full of grey’s and blacks already, why not source some of your favourite tribal design patterns for use as wallpaper or better yet why not paint them on directly to your current wall, after all this is a collection of bespoke decor trends so get your hands full of paint and do it yourself!

Personally, if it were up to us, we’d feature this Aztec Diamond Wallpaper from Wall Paper Direct

Bespoke Marble Decor

Most people love how marble surfaces look and end up using it in almost every surface in their home. Which is fine but we’ve got an alternative for you…how about using some left of marble for odd little pieces like coasters? Or how about using the marble to give your plant pots that little bit extra height and style it most certainly is quirky, simple to do and it is totally different than using it for a worktop or any other tabletop surface.

Wall Coating

When it comes to having a breath-taking coat on your wall, try going for warm colours such as rose gold. It will be a great background for accents such as lighting tables and coffee elements.

Forget about the white walls in 2019 and integrate outstanding shades such as royal blue or red into your home. However, if you don’t want to put the bold coats directly on your wall, you can go for a wallpaper with a bold print or just like with tribal design patterns, you can paint them straight to your wall, as they will look great if you already have a blank canvas.

And of course, it’s 2019 you should be having a crack at doing this yourself, you could potentially learn a new skill and save a lot of money.

Stone Sink for Your Kitchen

If you want to elevate how your kitchen looks, reconsider the traditional stainless steel or that ceramic sink in white. With a stone sink, you can achieve an organic charm with some sense of the old world which could allow you to finally get the look you desire, certainly one that is unique.

One good thing about this type of sink is that it is much easier to clean as most household cleaners find soapstone appealing and bespoke stone cuts in the form of sinks can easily be found in your local area with a quick Google search, although pricey, we really can’t emphasise enough just how beautiful stone sinks are in any style of home.

Reginox makes some fabulous sinks, they can also create custom ones upon request, we recommend checking them out if you’re serious about adding a high-quality stone sink to your kitchen area.

Sun Bleached Wood

Gone are the days when the trend of grey wood was considered stylish. Sun-bleached wood is the new thing and its relaxing tone is becoming an all-time favourite very fast, since its a great replacement to grey wood, you can cover all your units and table tops in a sun bleach to instantly get the effect you’re looking for, saving you a trip down to a furniture store to pick up some pieces.

Summers coming back around, making this Sun Bleached Outdoor Dining Table the perfect addition to your garden area. Found on CorLiving.

Sun Bleached Grey Square Outdoor Dining Table

Terrazzo DIY

We mentioned earlier that using marble on all your substance becomes monotonous and makes them look cheaper. If you want to change this, consider getting colourful terrazzo. It’s perfect for backsplashes, countertops and floors and it is also very durable and gives you that marble look without actually being marble, due to its inconsistent marked pattern, not to mention it’s fairly cheap.

The pattern can be used as tiles in your kitchen or bathroom area but have you considered getting some wallpaper can brighten up your personal haven? Well if you have, getting this Terrazzo Pink Wallpaper from Graham & Brown will have been just what you were looking for.

Warm beige colours

It is clear that the idea of using neutral colours such as beige is being accommodated quite fast instead of the cliché cool grey. This has a simple yet sophisticated effect on the overall decor scheme and will definitely spice up your space.

Whether you take advantage of this up and coming trend by replacing the decor on your coffee table and dining table or you pull out your paintbrush and finally make changes to that boring white wall, it is totally up to you but add warm beige colours to your home will be the easy way of adding bespoke style to your interior this year.

Geometric Interior Wallpaper

Geometric decor is gaining popularity in the space of interior design. Do not be left behind in 2019 as you can also incorporate this trend in your home to bring on some adventurous look to your living room. You can do this by adding a fresh new wallpaper to your home, suiting both the lounge and bedroom areas, whether you only cover one wall with this paper, which helps it to be featured as an accent wall, that’s is up to you.

Medieval Encaustic Tiles

The use of medieval encaustic tiles trend we are currently seeing on the rise is going to stand out in 2019. This style not only brings out and improves the look of the surrounding tiles but they act as an accent colour in your kitchen area, perfect if you’ve got a more dated look in your home & a perfect way to improve a houses aesthetics. They can also be used on your floors too for added decoration as well as your bathroom if you want to keep the design consistent throughout the home.

Now obviously, if you were to buy original Medieval Encaustic Tiles, you’re looking at a price of around £1,000 for 3 tiles, however, the talented team at Pataki Tiles create handmade terracotta tiles for your home and garden, check out their Medieval Encaustic Tiles here


Matte Black Bedroom

There is nothing as appealing as a matte finish in monochrome colour such as black and white. It is not only limited to those colours but once added to the bedroom using paint for your walls, and the ceiling if you want to get the full look, you will then want to accessorise accordingly with colours of a similar shade such as greys and white to help carry the style around your home.

As a homeowner stick up to this upcoming trends and do not be irrelevant in your choice of interior decor. Try to embrace the trends we have mentioned and you and everybody that enters your home will notice the significant change you will bring to your home.