Building Furniture for Beginners

Have you ever thought of recreating your home by adding something a little bit different? Perhaps something unique like let’s say…your own furniture? But you’ve always thought building furniture for beginners was hard? Well if you like getting your ‘hands dirty’ then creating your very own bespoke furniture could be what you’re looking for.

Ever heard of bespoke furniture? Well, it’s pretty simple. The term bespoke means a product which is individually or custom made. Therefore, bespoke furniture is furniture which has been designed specifically for what you need, where it’s needed for and made to look how you like, and the best part is that anyone can do it! And even if you think you’re going to be terrible at creating your own decor, then don’t be put off, bespoke furniture is meant to be unique so whatever the outcome, it will make for a beautiful addition!

If you’re looking to remodel your home by integrating unique designs into it, you should consider these simple steps that will guide you on how to pick the bespoke furniture that is going to be right for you as well as how you’re going to want to go about planning your very own furniture project.

Identify areas which you would want to remodel

There are different types of bespoke furniture you could put in designated rooms. For instance, your home could need new vanity units, cabinets closets, walk-in wardrobes, cupboard unit, display shelving and general storage, just to name a few options.

Your furniture choice should be based on what your current home looks like, since you would only be creating one piece, you can’t go ahead a create it for a room that features completely bright modern furniture, since it wouldn’t fit and this piece alone cannot dictate the tone of the home, it will be overwhelmed by the other pieces.

We’d recommend adding bespoke furniture to a lounge, like a coffee table, which is primarily made out of wood anyway, so this would not look out of place if you were to decide you’re bespoke creation would replace this.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, it’s your own furniture after all.

But we’d seriously recommend choosing a piece that is going to be noticed in your home once replaced but isn’t going to throw off the tone of the room or even the entire home, unless of course, your house is full to the brim of bespoke furniture, then go crazy!

Take measurements

Once you have an idea of the area(s) which you want to introduce your new bespoke furniture too, its time to get everything measured up. Now there are two ways to go about measuring for your new piece of furniture

First, if you’re lucky enough to be replacing old furniture, and you’re happy with the current size of the decor then we recommend you just measure the current furniture piece and re-use these measurements for your new bespoke piece – might as well make everything as easy as possible when doing a bespoke project for the very first time!

Your second choice, if you aren’t using an old piece for reference is this; go ahead and use other pieces for reference, whether that’s look measurements online or one of your friend’s pieces or you could just totally wing it! After all…it is bespoke and it certainly is YOUR project so its all up to you.

Measurements are important, so you can properly design your bespoke piece to your needs but it also helps with one of the 7 Basic Interior Design Principles – Scale. Identifying the size of your intended bespoke furniture piece is key to making sure you are following the scale principle, which in lamens terms means that it matches the size of the other objects in the home, so the design is kept consistent.

Select an appealing frame

The frame is a great way for you to express yourself, it can give your furniture the appeal it needs if you’re trying to make it fit into a modern home, amongst contemporary furniture or perhaps with other antique french style furniture.

Frame also need to be reliable, they need to fit the purpose of the furniture piece, for examples coffee tables need a wide and long frame so that it is able to do its job effectively, wardrobe frames need to be large so it is able to hold many of your personal belongings as you may need.

If you are a lover of classic lines, the sleek modern look or you love to go back to retro styles you may want to consider wingback chairs for a classic shape. You could try going for the solid form if you have a small space to achieve a sleek modern look.

The frame of any furniture piece is meant to be the foundation for your bespoke furniture, but ideally, it is going to be something that not only makes the furniture practical but will also best represent the style you are trying to achieve.

If you’d much rather decorate the frame rather than build it from scratch yourself, then Dimension Furniture Frame inc offer pre-built frames for furniture.

Choosing the right material

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right material for your bespoke furniture, first you have to consider what and who will be using the furniture, or at least be around in close proximity to the bespoke piece.

If you have pets, then we’d recommend using any synthetic materials as close as to the desired material you want as they are easier to get hairs from and are usually a fraction of the price of the actual real material, making it easy to replace if marks appear. Another great thing about synthetic materials is that they are scratch resistant so you can be rest assured knowing your furniture is safe if you’re pets decide that the sofa is their new bed for the day.

Speaking of synthetic materials, they also work best if you have children who love to spills things as they easily wash out compared to the real deal and if you’re looking to create a form of table, we’d highly urge you to use something like marble for the tabletop side, rather than something like teak wood as it requires a lot more maintenance due to the inevitable stances from your little one’s food tray,

If you want custom made covering better known as upholstery, try focusing on the colour pattern and fabric – choose a colour and a pattern that is going to work best with the current furniture that you feature, unless you’re creating a focal point that needs to be unique, then go ahead and go wild with your design choices!

Going for unembellished shades will do you good as they will age properly, while also giving you a precise effect in general.

Another option is using leather. Fortunately, leather is available in all shades and is considerable for family rooms due to its resilience.

Sourcing your materials is the hardest part since you only want top quality for your furniture, the pricing can also be an issue.

The Millshop Online has some wonderful high-quality fabrics at a reasonable price. We are in love with the Westonbirt Cotton Fabric, we can just imagine this on an armchair of some kind.

Focusing on the details

What would greatly determine the uniqueness of your bespoke furniture is your personal style.

If you want to design your sofa, observe its model and the final look of the legs that synthesize the piece with bordering furniture. For instance, you could contemplate sofa legs whose finishings are driftwood.

You can also do this to your coffee table to accomplish a composed look. You may add an elusive gleam to your room by using nail heads made of brass alongside the edge of the piece. To get a polished look for your sofas or armchairs, place pillows on them.

Putting up chandeliers, pendant lights and sconces will light up your bespoke dining table.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, into what sort of detailed finish you want your furniture to have, then checking out Artifact Paris will help you get your creative juices flowing.

Now that you have a gist of ideas on how you can create your bespoke furniture, ensure that you review your considerations keenly. I believe you will find inspiration from the information provided and make your dream of having a unique home come true.