Is every bespoke piece truly 'bespoke'?

We can gaurnetee, 100% that every bespoke furniture or decor piece our team creates is one of a king and we can promise you that you will not find another quite like it.

Who chooses the project manager?

We want the right outcome for your project, that’s why, together, we will go through all of our available team members and we can then decide who is best suited to on your bespoke challenge.

Can I use custom materials?

Yes! If you have a specific material you have already sourced which you want to be used with your project, then make sure to let us know in our first meeting stage.

Can I get more than one piece created for a project?

Of course! If you’ve got a more furniture ‘set’ in mind rather than a one of piece, our team would be more than happy to work with you on a larger project.

Do I need an inital plan?

Certainly that would help but if you know you’re wanting a bespoke furniture or decor piece for your home but you’re not sure the direction you want to take, then our team will help you figure this out.

What if I change my mind?

As we will be in contact all throughout the process of your project, from start to finish, ideally we will know as soon as possible if anything in your mind changes, so be sure to let us know so we can adjust your project to your newest vision.