How to Design a Room Interior

How to design a room interior is a question many of us will ask ourselves at the point or another, there are such fun and creativity to be had while designing a room but it can also take up a good amount of your time. The process can be intimidating if one has never tried designing a room before or if one feels like they don’t have that flare of style that is needed to accomplish their dream interior space.

Below are some tips and tricks of how you can you can transform your space into something that addresses your style and utility needs.

Intentional Design

This means considering the purpose of a given room and the people that will be using the room even before getting down to design details. It basically pays attention to the fact that the décor and design are subject to the use of the room.

Certain styles work well for a kitchen space but in the bedroom, they can end up giving you sleepless nights, literally. The wooden floor is perfect for the living room but how practical is it for the bathroom – speaking of wooden flooring, is it best to be used in your living room when you have children, will they hurt themselves while playing.

Safety is definitely something you’re going to want to consider too!

In home design, the choice of furniture that is family friendly is almost obvious as the flooring you’re going to have in it. Intricate pieces and delicate fabrics can be ruined in a day if you have children or house pets, so perhaps sticking to faux leather and fake silk in your shared areas will be best but how about saving those expensive decor choices for your personal haven, where your kids are less likely to be?

Decisions, decisions!

With this factored in, a room will not only be appealing but also accommodate everyone who accesses it, whether you’ve got friends coming over or you’re arranging a party for your children, you’ll need furniture that is going to be accessible to all.

Home Inspiration Design Ideas

Now that you are an artist intending to carve up a masterpiece, you need to get that spark, that grand idea! What do you like? What aspects of your personality do you want to reflect in your plan? Do you lean towards urban style or cosy country spaces? Are you a nature lover?

It involves literally imprinting your persona to the design plan, helping to give you a space that reflects on who you are so that you can express yourself and also so that you can enjoy the space too.

There are many ways you can gain inspiration, there a literally thousands of websites that are in the interior design space that you can easily draw inspiration from; think of that interior design column in a magazine or furntire stores that you can find online such as; The Furniture Store or if bespoke is more your style then how about checking out Oficina Inglesa for even more ideas. You can even consult with designers and friends, people who already know you, know the current state of your interior and also people who could be spending time in your home, allowing them to chime in on your interior plans could be a great way for them to feel more welcomed in the future.

Visit showrooms such as Maisons du Monde and get pictures of room imitations is also one of our favourite ways of gaining inspiration because unlike using the internet or verbally discussing it with a friend, its there in the flesh, so you can truly get a real idea of how you might want your home look, and who knows maybe the pieces you see you too want them in your home.

Go on a hunt and gather plans that suit your needs and style then envision the end result in mind.

This will not only give you the drive to get working on the room but also deal with clashing design schemes.

This isn’t necessary but we would absolutely recommend you do this if you can, just like Albert Hadley did when he started a new project and he is was trying to come up with ideas…draw them out!

Although he does, however, call them sketches, drawing out your ideas allows you to get your creative juices flowing and will help you to get all of the bad ideas out of the way and even allow you to figure out alternative ways of designing a space you want to live in.

DIY Budgeting

Knowing what you are working with is important as designing a room, imagine you get halfway through and you’ve already run out of money? Now you’re left with a half finished room with no clear future of finishing it.

Think of what needs to be purchased in order to suit the requirement and what can be changed over time. Do you really need those cushions at this very moment? Can they be purchased in about 2 months, perhaps getting the seating you want in your dining room is more important – questions liked these need to be considered when planning your budget, if you’re struggling with your budget they could really help to clear your mind and make you realise what is important and what isn’t as important.

Think of the cost of replacement and repairs and décor that needs to be purchased, for example it could be cheaper to create your own bespoke furniture rather than to buy a table that has been handmade by someone else, not to mention it gives your interior space an, even more, interior feel that other homes will certainly not have.

We have a great article on how you should go about creating your own bespoke furntiure, check it out here.

However, do not feel like you have to limit your creativity and style options because of your budget, with the internet and things like eBay and other buying and selling sites, with a little bit of time and patient you will most certainly find a decorative piece of furniture or art that you want for a fraction of what you’d pay at a retailer.