How to Maximise Space in a Small Home

Modern white dining room & cowhide rug

There’s a trend right now in the UK where homebuyers are opting for smaller homes. Not only are they cost-efficient, they’re easier to manage and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. However, designing the interior of a small home is often more difficult because it requires organisation to maximise the smaller spaces. Smaller homes, if not designed properly, run the risk of becoming cramped and impractical. So let’s have a look at some tips and tricks interior designers can use to maximise space in a small home.


White-on-white and floating furniture in the living room

Pairing white walls with bright furniture is a great way to make a small space feel brighter and larger. A white-on-white interior promotes a refreshing look that opens up your living area. While too much white runs the risk of being dull there are ways around this. Interior designer Mercedes Daczi avoids too much white by making use of splashes of texture and pops of colour for additional character. Something as simple as incorporating wicker furnishings, a woven rug, house plants or coloured throw pillows can do wonders in adding personality to a white room. Moreover, when it comes to the living room’s layout, floating furniture is one of the best ways to fit all your furnishings in a small space and make the area seem bigger. “Floating” your furniture means bringing the sofa and other furnishings away from the walls, allowing for more space to move around. This also works to partition living rooms from other spaces like the kitchen or the dining room.


Hanging and wall-mounted kitchen storage

Among all the rooms in the house, a small kitchen needs to be perfectly planned for it to be functional. In our article on the ‘Basic Interior Design Principles’, functional interior design reminds us that no amount of colour or aesthetic design will improve a room that is unworkable. Being smart with your storage is the best way to create more working space in the kitchen, with Houzz contributor Laura Wheat recommending making use of the walls. Take kitchen utensils off your countertops through floating shelves, pegboards and under-the-shelf hooks. You can also install hanging storage units from your ceiling for pots and pans. Hanging kitchen baskets are also making a comeback, and are a perfect way to store fruit and other produce. Not only do these kinds of storage units free up space, they also make reaching for kitchen tools easy and convenient.

Wall mounted kitchen storage

Installing compact bathroom fixtures

Bathrooms require certain fixtures that cannot be done away with. The best way to maximise a small bathroom is by focusing on making these fixtures as space-efficient as possible. If a traditional pedestal sink takes up too much space, consider installing a corner sink. Corner sinks take up a minimum amount of room, and are even more space-effective when a cupboard is installed underneath. While you can only do so much in minimising the size of the shower, one trick to make it as space-efficient as possible is by using a shower curtain instead of a glass door. Swinging a glass door open and shut takes up space, as opposed to separating the shower using a curtain.

White & Chrome modern corner sink


Upgrading the home’s heating system

Old boilers can take up a lot of space and are less energy efficient. Combi-boilers, on the other hand, have an advantage that makes them perfect for smaller homes. Screwfix’s long list of combi boilers shows how they don’t require a tank, which allows them to be fitted into much smaller spaces. This means it can be stored in the utility room, garage, or even in a cupboard in the bathroom. This frees up storage space in the rest of your home that can be put to better use. They also save up to 40% on energy bills making them cost effective as well.

Electric Combi Boiler


Over-the-bed light fixtures for vertical space

While one way to maximise bedroom space is by moving your bed to the corner of the room, many would prefer having their beds positioned in the centre. This shouldn’t be a problem, as there are still ways to maximise space given the layout. In Elle Décor’s collection of small bedroom ideas, a common theme among designers is installing oversized light fixtures over the bed. This style creates the illusion of more space by focusing the attention upwards. Another way to accomplish this is through having a four-poster bed and canopy, especially in rooms with tall ceilings.

Over the bed light fittings

As this article shows you don’t need to make big changes to create more space. You just need to be organised in where you store items and aware of tips that can create the illusion of more space.