Jess Eaton

Jess Eaton, who has made eccentric designs for fashion icons such as Kate Moss to Lady Gaga, has in recent years become Brighton’s most ‘Legendary Designer’. Her name is known far beyond the seaside town of Brighton however, typically for her controversial work with such collections as ‘Roadkill Couture’ and her trademark line, which she was first known for, ‘Trashion’. Known for her dark creations and original one-off pieces, she uses recycled materials – pretty much what she can get her creative hands on – to create her fashion piece. Although don’t be fooled, Jess is not confined to the walls of fashion as she also creates one-off interior decor pieces, typically they are for specific minorities of the population, quite the acquired taste if you ask us but inspiring nonetheless.

Filing the pages of the press all over the world, Jess’ unique work has landed her interviews on various radio shows and TV program’s as well as taking part in featured articles for newspapers across the country. Whether its an old parachute to a used bin bag, you bet Eaton has tried creating a desirable piece of bespoke decor or fashion piece for one of her clients. Her work can only be described as a having a ‘vintage look’ which skews this ideal due to the modern twist which it actually features, with eye-catching dyed feathers which have been manipulated to stand stall to thought-provoking long dresses crafted from trash.

Due to her carefree attitude towards design, creating things people would never even dream off, she quickly become one of our teams most idolised persons and still to this day she is the main reason why and how we are able to create such a unique one-off bespoke furniture pieces for our clients, she is a constant reminder as to what you can achieve if you just think outside the box and go beyond what would usually be expected of you.

Trashion Show

Receiving a standing ovation at Brighton Fashion Week 2010 for her much talked about and well received ‘Trashion Show’ which put her back on the map, as she very much put it. After a long period she had spent in Germany working within the specification of music and clothing for TV, Film and many music videos, she had taken all her experiences within the industry, from closely working individuals and took her inspiring work to create something so crazy and so out there that it had the people of the show in awe.

With this particular collection, Jess was able to demonstrate that you can create beautiful things with everyday materials that you would usually throw away otherwise, which gives a great lesson not only in terms of fashion but that everyday materials and items can be recycled and reused to be again put back to good use, certainly worthy of that standing ovation she received when she revealed the collection in the first place.

We urge you, whether you’re as big of a fan of Jess as we are, to go watch her Trashion Show, it will leave you with endless amounts of inspiration that could too propel you on to create something as magnificent.

Jess Eaton: Roadkill Couture

Just the next year after her standing ovation at the Brighton Fashion Week 2010, she attended the BFW with an even greater idea, something that is even more out there but still stays familiar with her recycling design. The ex-vegetarian had created an entire collection based on wasted animals parts or deceased pets, particularly from the sides of the roads where the unfortunate creatures become victims of speeding automobiles, she harvested what she possibly could and created a range that would send her name into controversy.

But that’s exactly what she’s known for; ultimately, controversy is her being her true self…and it was a hit.

Unknown to everyone else, they had no idea Jess Eaton could even get close to topping last years collection but she did, in the only way she knew how to. Pushing recycling to its limits, using wasted animals parts and even human remains when creating bespoke pieces for the likes of Lady Gaga and Kate Moss, Jess that day had inspired many designs into creating bespoke pieces that are outside the box, showing the world that you could take risks and be successful with them.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you best go check out her Roadkill Couture show here or you’re just missing out on an endless amount of inspiration that you can use in your own projects, regardless of what kind of designer you are.



Road Kill Couture by Jess Eaton, Brighton Fashion Week


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Jess Eaton Roadkill Couture Project


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