Role of Interior Designer in Society

Who is an interior designer? I am tempted to say it is someone who designs interior spaces but there is something about not using a term to define itself. Well, an interior designer is someone tasked to plan a space and transform it into something appealing and utilitarian which is particularly fit to the homeowner in question in terms of needs as well being able to reflect the space on their personality.

Quick fact, interior design has been around for more than 100 years and right from its inception has been aiming to transform what seems basic to something alluring – although we speaking about the general term ‘interior design’, of course way back there were people who designed and renovated the homes of the rich and famous, but perhaps there was another name for them, or maybe not.

Over the years it has taken a lead role when it comes to putting up residential areas, office facilities, commercial developments and institutions such as hospitals, schools, and religious centres and the role of interior design in architecture has become more prominent as the years go on, spaces that are designed are now to be considered with the furniture and decor they are going to feature once complete.

With that in mind, we are going to highlight some of the roles interior designer in our society…

Beautiful Interior Design

Hands up if you think of a beautiful room with some gorgeous upholstery and magnificent lighting whenever you think of interior design!

An interior designer is always out to make the final face of a room captivating, whether that’s for use as a bathroom or a lounge area for a family, the number 1 goal, after pleasing the customer, is to make the space beautiful, in terms of practical and functional design as well as aesthetically.

The aesthetic value added by the interior designer charms those who reside or work in a given area, scientifically speaking, it has been proven that when one works in a space that is pleasing both to the eye and the mind, productivity rates shoot up, so an interior designer giving are in effect improving our lives in all aspects.

We also bet that there is this one restaurant you can spend a fortune on a meal because the furniture choices are simply fantastic and they resonate with you so well, making it a pleasure for you to spend your free time and money in that particular place.

Practical Interior Design

An interior designer works hand in hand with the architect of a facility to ensure that whatever is built will serve its purpose. For example the choice of dim lighting for a bar or the choice of cool undertones for wall colours in a health care facility, everything is planned for purpose, whether you notice it or not everything the interior designer has chosen to add to a space was with a reason, usually to benefit those who are using it.

Think of the geometrical simple elegant furniture and fabric in office spaces which do not allow the workers to be distracted by flashy features and crazy details, without words or even intervention from the boss or manager, work rate suddenly shoots up simply because of the furniture and lighting the interior designer has decided to use for that specific space .

The interior design plans for the available space and ensures that all the intended functions of the room are done efficiently, making sure that each piece added or removed is done so with a reason and whatever is being added fully improves the lives of those who interact with the space in question.

Together with the aesthetics, functionality boosts the marketability of space and will have everyone running to your office space, restaurant, bar excited to spend their valuable time there.

Speaking on a more residential level, tabletop space could be taking up a lot of your free room in your lounge or dining area. Nest of tables is great for giving you the space you want when you need it the most. Specifically, this beautiful Ingrid Nest of Tables set from Freedom will look stunning in any modern home, regardless if you’re going to get it with its white tabletop finish or its natural one.

Interior Safety

An interior designer’s priorities are on the safety of the inhabitants of a given space. This involves considering the people who will be accessing the space and how they might be using the space, for example;

A designer will not use future that is easily marked where children are going to be, which would ruin the entire space for everyone else, instead they would use material that can be washed and the fittings used to fit any piece up will be ones that are sturdy in case the kids in the space accidentally pull them off while attempting to play.

They will consider careful placing of brittle material or finishes so as not to have casualties of broken glass. These types of pieces are certainly beautiful but if you consider the type of people that may be using these spaces, it probably wouldn’t be the best to feature such brittle materials at a bar where people are a lot more careless and unaware of their surroundings, where accidents could potentially happen.

Interior designers will also give uttermost importance to the requirements of people with special needs and ensure that they also have a smooth time utilizing a given area, whether that’s adding ramps into heavily stared areas or railings to ensure people feel safe when using the space.

Environmentally Friendly Interior Design

An interior designer works to ensure that your space is taking care of Mother Nature, this can entail going for recyclable and natural materials where possible, as to benefit the environment as well as the aesthetic style of the space itself, this is mostly considered when creating work commercially as the spaces designed are usually on a larger scale where using such materials could actually make a difference than if these methods were used in a single room in someones home.

Part of eco interior design, designer consider simple tasks like the choice of wash area faucets that won’t go wasting all the water to the sewer which is not just a way of making your home more eco-friendly but it also helps drastically reduce the customer’s bills.

This applies to even lighting arrangements, for instance, going for energy saving bulbs – which is something we can all do right now, but this is a great example of the small but useful things interior designers consider when creating their interior space.

Imagine the positive impact of such simple ideas on the environment?

This Teak and Tyre Cafe Chair is something we’d definitely have in our sitting room, found from Retyred.

Teak & Tyre Cafe Chair

Cultural Interior Design

An interior designer will understand the cultural background in a given area or of a given person or group of people and have it show in his or her work, this is to not only make the space feel more personal to those who are using it but it shows the client and those using the space how much you have considered, making them truly feel like you care and have tailored the specific place for them.

Cultural interior design is what makes us distinguish ultra-modern trends from classy 1800 elegance to that wonderful bamboo detail in a Chinese themed restaurant, and because interior designers have always considered this, we can easily tell what the interior designer tried to achieve in the space, which allows those using it to know if the space is truly for them, and if it is they will love it and want to spend their time there and if not, they can easily move on a go find a place better suited towards them.

Indeed a lot can be said on the contribution interior designers have had in the improvement of our society. They comprehend the importance of making a space ideal for human interaction, using open booths for workers and prospects to interact, closed off cubicles for workers who want and need to work in private, these are just a few everyday examples.

A piece quite which features cultural interior design, which would work beautifully in a high-end Chinese restaurant would be this Yong Cabinet, which we have found beautifully made from Tikamoon.


An interior designer’s ultimate role is to have you stay in the space you love and love the space you stay in!

They started this journey over a century ago and guess what, they are not about to stop.