What design style did Elsie de Wolfe work in?

America’s first interior designer. Welcome to our article on elsie de wolfe. We will do some exploring of her works and interior design life. She once stated “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” – and that is definitely what she did. It was only when she was in her 40s that she decided to take up interior decorating and design.

elsie de wolfe
elsie de wolfe

First she started redesigning her own home in Versailles, pairs. She was also known as Lady Mendl, because of her marriage to Charles mendl. 

Elsie de Wolfe projects

Elsie did not like the traditional Victorian decor of the times, and actively shunned it . Her first commercial work was at the colony club in New york. She opened it up so there were a lot more light and open spaces. And added comfortable functional decor. This was so different from the drabness of victorian era design in NYC. “I opened the doors and windows of America, and let the air and sunshine in” 

elsie de wolfe projects
elsie de wolfe projects

Elsie de Wolfe work

I guess the fact she was a woman in these times made her different from all of the rest. She seemed to be designing for the fun of design and the actual functionality of it, rather than following old rules or protocols of the day.

Who is elsie de wolfe?

De wolfe can be described as the first interior designer , at least in america, if not the world, she had a full career being an interior designer which is impressive for the early 20th century. She was also a popular socialite and spent a lot of time frequenting high society in new york as well as throwing parties and entertaining. To add to this she also was a parisian, and one of the main things she did was bring elements of french, namely parisian style to america in order to abolish the drab victorian mindset and outlook. 

What design style did Elsie de Wolfe work in?

One could say Elsie was very chintzy . some even called her the chintz lady. This includes a lot of patterns, heavy fabrics and calico textiles which are glazed. For more Elsie de Wolfe Facts, although now we know chintz to be kind of out of fashion, you have to appreciate that at the times this was cutting edge,and a welcome u turn from grey and black victorian design. 

Who did elsie de wolfe influence?

It can be said that she influenced Dorothy draper, and others after her. Even modern day designers can base some of their chintz and pattern from Elsie de wofle. she also influenced members of the Jansen company

What was elsie de wolfe known for?

Her design style was chintz to the max, by this I mean light coloured and patterned drapes, as well as pale walls, a lot of wicker, vanity tables and illusionist design. 

When was elsie de wolfe born?

She was born in 20 december 1865