Creative ideas using rocks in your home

Finally, you’ve got the furniture you want, your kitchen has been renovated and everything seems to be complete, or is it? Things might still look a little empty even at this stage of your renovation but that’s probably down to the fact that you lack the right or even any kind of decor.

Thankfully, even if you’ve used up your budget, we have compiled a list of creative ideas using rocks in your home that can add a personal touch, a unique style and overall giving you the completed design you have been so desperate to achieve at a price you can be more than happy about.

Now we know what you may be thinking, what is so good about crafts made from rocks? Beyond the fact that its one of the latest Bespoke design trends of 2019, crafts with stones and rocks can offer you a way of bringing in some unique design to your home, not forgetting to mention the time it takes to create such wonderful pieces can be a happy and enjoyable one if you make the entire process one that you can enjoy with the entire family, creating memories and permanent decor pieces simultaniasly.

Stone art and craft

Stone art and craft is many things, from creating beautiful pieces with a combination of other natural materials such as branches and leaves, from using leftover paint from previous art or renovation projects to create vibrate designs such as animal inspired pebbles that can be added to any room in your home.

How to make stone art

There are no ‘quick guides’ on how to make your desired stone art, since there are many things you can actually do with so a simple natural material. It all depends on what you’re waiting for your home – what you envision as the final finish – and how creative you actually are.

However to help out with this vision, we are going to show you some inspiring stone craft designs that can spark the creativity part of your brain into imagining something that is going to work with your current furniture and decor.

Further down we’ll speak about the sort of things you can craft and create to help get you the look you need, from painting pebbles in an eye catching way to adding them to a glass jar or creating your own ceramic decor from the.

Stone painting craft designs

Stone art painting is one of the easiest ways to add beautiful stones to your home, it is also an accessible type of craft meaning you can get the whole family involved in your little design project, creating memories and decor at the same time.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there will most probably be a tutorial out there that can guide you to your desired finish. Although it will take some creativeness to know what to frist google, so below are some (hopefully) inspiring ideas that can spark your imagination and allow you to start to imagine what great art piece you’re going to add to your stones.

Rocks painted like animals

Probably the most popular way to decorate any kind of rock is to have a range of rock animals. Having a rock animal painting in your bathroom area or lounge will help to add some detail that only the rock animal craft is able to achieve, certainly a personal touch that will be more than welcome to any style of home.

The size of rock depends on what animal you are able to paint, but this is why it makes each rock you find more than precious, since you could paint a range of things an any of them and you’re not limited to what rocks you can and can’t use.

Rocks painted like cactus’

Painted plants are another common design amongst the rock design community, simply because this painted rock cactus’ are of a soothing design, allowing them to make for a great addition to many homes.

Perfectly added to a greenhouse to add some extra eye catching design, the stone cactus can work with many natural plants to help spruce up the interior design. Once added to an interior area, the rock cactus plant will make for a fitting addition you’ll want to keep as a part of your interior decor setup.

Rocks painted like turtles

Turtles are commonly painted on the backs of rocks due to their already round design and simple one at that. Rock turtle can make for a cute addition to a bathroom area, perhaps near sinks and on shelving to add extra bit of natural design to the area.

Painted rock turtle are also to paint, making them a great start if you’re looking to get your kids involved in the crafts to help give the completed home design.

Rocks painted like houses

Another style that is great for kids is hand painted rock houses, since you can have them as minimally detailed as possible and you’re still able to identify them  or you could even take your time with a few rock houses and you’ll have a set of rocks that will easily be able to add to the decor of your home.

How to Seal painted rocks

Finally, you’ve got a stunning set of rocks ready to change up the design of your home and give you a completed look you’ve been looking for. But how long will this design last? Well not for long unless you make sure to seal it properly, but how do you go about doing this?

Let us guide you through this process.

We typically do this sort of things after our painting of the rock has been complete, but there would be no real harm in doing it before and then after again. But this we like to get straight into our designs and sealing can take up plenty of time due to the drying process so that’s why we do it once last instead.

If you’re using a sealing spray, which we recommend that you should, be sure to be around about ½ a foot away from your rock, so you don’t completely drench it in the solution which in the end will ruin your rock and mean that any colour you have applied with immediately begin to run and smudging your entire design.

On top of this, we do not recommend using PVA glue like many other articles tell you to use, this is because, yes they may look beautiful when first covered but as soon as it begins to rain you can see the streakness of the rock and almost certainly the glue will become sticky once again.

To some up:

  1. Seal after painting
  2. Use sealing spray or clear nail varnish (dab to apply)
  3. Let it dry for a few hours and then apply another coat
  4. Put rocks on display for the world to see


If you’re looking for a more visual guide, check out how to seal painted rocks.

Painted candles made from rock

Similar to painted rocks, you can also use these rocks to make up different types of practical decor, in this cause painted candles. Candles are a staple part of any home, sometimes you can enter around without spotting on, and this is perfectly fine! But this also means you need to make them a bit more personal to avoid being like everyone else, using painted rocks to make candles is perfect for just this.

Adopting the same practices as if you were painting each rock, you’ll want to firstly glue your rocks together before you start with your typical painting process.

How to glue stones together

Glueing stones and rocks together requires a strong adhesive in conjunction with a suitable surface. Typically you’ll want to use some form of construction adhesive, it doesn’t really matter what sort of adhesive this is but regardless, make sure to read the packaging to ensure the solution will work for you.

Here is our go to method when people ask us how to glue rocks together:

Step 1: Sand for better bonding

Sand each stone on the place where stone to stone contact is going to be made, this will give it a better bond potential and enable it to stay together long after has initially been glued together.

Step 2: Glue in a well ventilated room

Ensure you’re doing this in a well ventilated room, this is because many adhesives and probably the one you’re going to use emits very strong fumes. Cover a table with an old cloth and placing your adhesive, rocks and anything else you need on top.

Step 3: Time to stick

Now this depends on what sort of adhesive you’re using but you’ll want to place a small dot on the stone you’re adding your other stone too. After holding them together, the best way to do it is placing them in a way they will not slip or tie something strong around them such as an elastic band to ensure there is no movement.

Step 4: Wait for the glue to harden

Time to wait for everything to stick together, this could take a few minutes to a few hours depending on what solution you went with, you’re best off reading the packaging to find out how long this could take.

Rock Sculptures

Rock sculptures are a more advanced craft when it comes to using rocks in your home. However do not be put of by this since, well if you can’t craft it yourself you can always pay someone to do the work for you.

There are simple designs such as stacking rocks which are used in the form of meditation, the actual practices being ‘Rock balancing’ is where these sculptures take their inspired designs from.

More advanced sculptures features animals and real life designs that most probably take hours of work to complete, hours that you don’t have to spend wasting to get your desired result if you hire someone else to do the work for you.

Rock Tic Tac Toe

Now this is the perfect way of adding some cute design to a kids bedroom or to your outdoor area. Tic tac toe is one of those classic games that’s always fun, no matter the age of the participants.

Rock tic tac toe can be designed anyone you want it, typically you’ll find a lillypad and ladybird feature design online but that’s the uninspiring choice in our opinion, there are plenty of other designs you can do if you used your creativeness a little more.