Things To Sort When Moving House

Moving out of a rented home can sometimes be very frustrating considering the fact that you have to arrange transportation, pack up all your belongings and try to get your security deposit back. No matter how organized and prepared you think you are, moving out of your home is almost always a stressful time. One of the most important tasks that you will need to accomplish before moving out is ensuring that your home is thoroughly cleaned so that you will not only be assured of getting your security deposit back but you will also leave the rented home habitable for the next tenant, that is also assuming you have also followed the Basic Interior Design Principles throughout the time you have lived there so that the new renter’s or owners can feel at home when in your old space.

This however is just one of the many things to sort when moving house, and whether you’re moving to your new home alone or you’re moving into first apartment with a boyfriend, the rest of the article will help you consider what things to do when moving into a new house, so that you are more prepared for the near future.

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Preparing To Move House

In order to ensure a smooth move, there are a few things that should be on your moving checklist when you’re preparing to move house. Cleaning your home before moving out is the first order of business. This is something that is very easy to overlook since you are busy packing your belongings and you may not realise that the house needs thorough cleaning. Some of the areas to clean include the kitchen, drawers and counters, bathroom, floors, toilet as well as the bathroom sinks. Some cleaning supplies, a vacuum and a mop will be ideal for this job. It is good to be considerate as other tenants will be moving in and you probably also want to find your new home cleaned up. Now this can seem a little overwhelming, but here is a great Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to help you keep your cool and your focus on the more important things when you prepare to move out of your home.

You will also need to inform the council in your local town that you plan to move home as all households including tenants pay council tax depending on the number of residents and the size of the property. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get a refund on the council tax that you have paid over the renting period. Your utility companies must also know that you will be moving home and possibly notify them of your change of address. Some of these companies include water, electric, garbage, trash, sewer and cable. You will be required to give each one of these companies a tentative date to discontinue service and an address through which they can forward your final bill.

If you subscribe to a daily newspaper, remember to discontinue the service. Other subscriptions that should be cancelled include telephone and television subscriptions, although you could let the company know that you are moving into a new build so that you aren’t without these necessities for too long. For a landline telephone, you will have to cancel your contract with the provider so that the line may be disconnected. If you have taken out a homeowner’s insurance for your new home, you won’t want to forget to cancel home insurance on your current property as your insurance agent will not do this automatically because you have moved to a new home. Another important consideration to make before you move home is to update your vehicle registration and driving license. The law requires you to inform the Drivers Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) that you have changed your address for them update both your vehicle registration and driver’s license.

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Moving To Your New Home

The more organised you are when moving, the easier the process of moving to your new home. Ensure that you have packed boxes and remember that the first box on the moving truck will be the last to come off the truck, making unpacking not such a stressful task ass unpacking is overwhelming, especially for those that are unprepared and uneducated in the house moving process. This means that you should arrange and label your boxes by room if possible so that the movers can be able to identify the right rooms for each of the boxes. You can also pack a separate box containing household and personal items such as dishes, clothing, pet medications etc. These are all the items you will need immediately once you have moved into your new home. Pack your furniture and other accessories correctly so that they do not get damaged in the process of moving.

And if you’re anything like us you will have already prepared specific lists so that you or your partner, or even the children can help out with the necessities you need, such as having a toiletries list for home can help ensure you have the right resources for everyone when it comes to general bathroom use. There are many more lists that you could prepare, for your bedrooms, cutlery you may need and so on, here is a great free Moving House Checklist written by WhatStorage that will help with the sort of things you need to know and should be doing when you advance through the moving home process.

Some moving companies are equipped to store some of your belongings while they can move the rest of the items to your new home. This happens when you require downsizing to get rid of some larger items although you are likely to incur additional costs for this. Hiring a removal company comes with several benefits especially because packing can be a time-consuming task since you will also need to consider the children and work as well. A professional removal company will efficiently pack and move your stuff which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Once you have finally moved to your new house you can start thinking of the kind of interior decor that will be good for your house as well as the sort of things every house should have. The steampunk decor is one such unique design style that you can try in your new home to give it a blend of elegance, science and magic. This is just one of many upcoming Bespoke Decor Trends of 2019.

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