Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2020

When it comes to interior style it’s important to be at least three steps ahead of the current trend. Which means being aware of the possible future trends and incorporating them into your space at an earlier stage. So, with that in mind, here are some of the biggest interior design trends for you to look out for in 2020: 

Pink is Bold 

No, don’t worry, you don’t have to splash a load of hot pink paint over your walls to stay relevant in the design world. Though, if a Barbie dream house is your home design aspiration… then go for it. Otherwise, a calmer, more organic pink is the way to go in 2020. 

Think of the soft pink of cherry blossoms, soft pastels and the peach pink so common in sofas at the moment. You will see a lot of crushed pink velvet furniture following this trend. Either as accent pieces scattered throughout a room or as a whole colour scheme across the walls (both painted and in some striking wallpaper choices). Pink is so fetch this season and not just for Wednesdays. 

adding colour to a room
adding colour to a room

If you are looking to get ahead of trends, and want to be the leader in this – think about painting your furniture. We have a tutorial on how to paint furniture with chalk paint.

Bolder Wallpaper 

In 2020, you will find that the wallpapers available will be that much more striking as trends shift to more vibrant designs. Interesting patterns, geometric shapes and sharp colours will be a hallmark of the wallpapers on the market next year. Such a striking design will help to add a more artistic touch to your home. 

To achieve this look properly, it is important to avoid all of the basic, cheaper, wallpaper found in your local High Street shops. They may be a cheaper option, but they also look it. The return of wallpaper relies on making sure what you buy is as high quality as possible. A little more expensive, yes, but well worth it. 

bold wallpaper
bold wallpaper

And this goes beyond the feature wall which has become a staple of many home designers toolbox in recent years. Yes, that’s right, the fully wallpapered room will be making its return in 2020 – so, get ahead of this trend and make sure you’re covered (in wallpaper) on all sides! 


Do you ever see a piece of old furniture that’s a little bit decrepit, a little bit ruined and not at all usable? Well, in 2020 when you come across such pieces you shouldn’t just sigh and sadly shake your head, then send it on a one-way trip to the tip. No, instead you need to upcycle it. 

More common in recent years, upcycling is the process of taking something old and improving it to a near-new state. Sometimes this means re-upholstering the fabric. Replacing a few bits of old or broken pieces. Of course, you don’t want to take it as far as replacing both the handle and the brush of the broom – but, you get the idea. Take something that is past its prime and make it usable again. 

upcycling can transform a room

Not only is this environmentally friendly, reducing both waste and the material cost of buying something new, but it can also save you money. As, more often than not, upcycling will be a much cheaper practice than buying something new. 


When it comes to taking inspiration from other cultures the design world is not shy, which will remain the case throughout 2020. Though the Japanese-style element has been present for several years, it will be adopted in full force come the upcoming year. 

For some, the minimalism of Scandinavian design (think Ikea, but even more basic) will then combine with some of the more beautiful elements of Japanese design. Thus creating an uncluttered space that presents a true environment for calm and relaxation. 

Natural Materials 

Concrete and the industrial aesthetic as a whole has been dominant in home design for a while now. But 2020 will make the return of nature as a major design trend. Rustic woods, flowered wallpaper and even in bare-faced brick elements. 

And there is something undeniably special when it comes to natural design elements. Not only is it beautiful, but it is a chance to show off the skill of the craftsman who actually created the piece. A lot of work goes into creating furniture and art, but sometimes that doesn’t shine through until you cut the piece back to its simplest form. Which is the aim of incorporating more natural elements into your room design. 

It’s safe to say that 2020 is going to be a year of many different design elements. You can incorporate all of them, none of them or an interesting mix of any number of them depending on your preferences. But, the twist to a more natural design thread may be the perfect excuse needed to create a whole new world in your home next year.  
Even in a smaller space, this will be achievable. View how to maximise space in a small home for more information.